7 things to make dorm life feel like home

Posted at 6:31 AM, Jul 26, 2016

Have a student packing up and getting ready to go to college?

The list of things to bring can feel endless, but some of items are must-haves for any student living on campus.

In the flurry of last minute back to school packing and preparation, don’t forget these essentials that help create a happy and comfortable home away from home.

Bed linens

Function and style. 

Both need to be considered when choosing the right linen for a dorm bed.

Most college beds have extra-long twin beds, which means special sheets are needed. Trying to use regular twin sheets on a college dorm bed means your student will constantly be short-sheeted or have them pull off the mattress.

But, let's not forget the stylish side. The bed is often one of the largest pieces of furniture in a dorm and it can make a statement. Bright colors or bold patterns can transform a barren room into home, which can be a big pick-me-up for those away from the family and friends for the first time.

Also, dorm bed mattresses may not suit everyone. So, you might want to consider getting a mattress top (memory foam, etc.) to boost comfort.

Today, shopping for college bed linen is easier than ever with bundled packages that pull everything needed into one, convenient package. One-stop shopping with color coordination built it: a shopper's dream.

Storage solutions

With an average of about 100 sq. ft. per person, dorm rooms don’t offer a lot of space. This means finding compact storage solutions for more comfortable living arrangements.

Inspired by the milk crates of university days past, today’s storage options allow students to find a system that works best for them. Stackable is always a good option, but there are smaller storage-cube units that can fit under lofted beds or behind a desk or in a wardrobe. For those looking for something decorative, many cubes or storage units come in a range of colors and patterns to liven up a space. 


Alarm clock

Getting up for that early class can be tough.

And, while most students have a smartphone they can use for an alarm, there are advantages to using the traditional wake-up method. Smartphones go missing, lose their charge and can easily be turned off after a long night of studying.

Some alarm clocks can double as USB chargers and wireless speakers, which means less cords around the dorm room. Those who love a more classic style can still get a vintage alarm clock with the shiny bells.Modern design lovers can find clocks that project the time on the wall or the ceiling for easy reading.

A quick tip about alarm clocks: if you have a hard time getting out of bed, try putting it on the opposite side of the room. You have to get up to turn it off and then, you’re up for the day.



Colleges have computer labs available for students, but some days finding an open computer in the lab can be almost impossible.

Back to school time means more affordable choices. Campus-wide internet access (including wi-fi) is included in student's fees, so having a personal computer allows for 24/7 access to take notes in class, work on papers in the library and projects in the dorm room.

Double-check with the college to see what type of computers and software they support on campus. This helps to make the decision of what machine to buy a little easier. 



Studying is hungry work and sometimes, students just want to eat in their rooml. Having a small microwave in the room means meal time can be anytime, with minimal effort. Mac and cheese, ramen noodles, popcorn and pocket sandwiches are just a few of many food choices available to a student who needs food right away.



Students also need a refrigerator in their rooms so they can have a cold drink whenever they need it. You can’t store milk on a desk and warm soda is just not that refreshing. Designers continue to make refrigerators smaller and more efficient, which takes up minimal space while holding a decent amount of items.


Desk lamp

Dorm roommates’ sleep schedules and study habits don’t always mesh well. One roommate may have the chance to study in the afternoon, while the other one prefers to be a night owl. Either way, there will inevitably be the time when one roommate needs light while the other sleeps.

Enter the handy desk lamp to save the day. Desk lamps come in all shapes, sizes, colors and most have LED bulbs to be energy efficient. Some lamps can convert from a desk lamp to one that clamps on a table or bed frame to make reading in bed possible.