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Baby Dolls Get a Horrifying Make-Under

Posted at 2:00 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 14:14:41-04

While you’re busy doing yard work or sweating it out at your kid’s t-ball game, these creative minds gathered at Heat Sync Labs in Mesa, Ariz. for an art project that makes Chuckie look adorable.

AZ Haunters hosted a “Demented Doll Make and Take” event where fans of the creepy and haunted put their artistic skills to work to create something truly frightening. 

“When you take something childish, then you make it horrible, there’s like an extra level of unnerving,” said Jim Transue with AZ Haunters. “Some people will modify the dolls so they have things growing out of them.”

AZ Haunters is a community group for people who love all things Halloween. 

“It’s relatively new for me to get into the dolls and there’s such a following,” said Anissa Storie Hart, owner of Crafty Dark Harts. “It’s just creepy or it’s not or it’s fun. It’s artistic. It’s just a way of expressing a difference of the art.” 

Paint and glue are just the beginning. Things get a little dicier when you break out the saws and knives to alter the once cute baby dolls. 

In the end, a finished product that is sure to keep you up at night. 

“Dolls are creepy anyway, right?” said Transue.