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Union: Tucson police officer's home and vehicle vandalized in 'targeted' act

Posted at 4:55 PM, Jun 05, 2020

An officer with the Tucson Police Department had his home and personal vehicle vandalized Thursday night in what union officials say was a "targeted" act.

In a Facebook post from the Tucson Police Officers Association, the union makes the case that the officer was targeted in response to ongoing civil unrest in the city and across the country.

TPOA says that the officer does not take a squad car home, he does not wear a uniform to or from his house, and he does not have any pro-cop decals.

Here's what the TPOA said in the Facebook post:

The only way to explain this damage was that he was targeted. Targeted for the job he does. Targeted because he answered the call to serve his community. This is unacceptable. How does something like this further the discussion that our country so desperately needs to have? How does scaring the family of a police officer help to improve relationships? For the better part of two weeks, police officers all over this country have been targeted because of the uniform they wear. Officers have been shot and killed, stabbed and ran over by vehicles. Sadly, these types of incidents are doing nothing to help the country heal. This must stop. We can do better.