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Casey Goodson: Family of man shot, killed by deputy say law enforcement mistook sandwich for gun

Posted at 10:56 AM, Dec 11, 2020

The Columbus Police Department says it is preparing for demonstrations this weekend after a law enforcement officer shot and killed a man as he entered his own home earlier this month.

Casey Goodson, 23, was shot and killed by a Franklin County sheriff's deputy on Dec. 4. Goodson's family says he did not have a criminal record and says it's unclear what crime he could have committed prior to the shooting.

Goodson's family and law enforcement authorities have given conflicting reports as to what happened since the day of the shooting. Goodson's grandmother, Sharon Payne, told a 911 dispatcher on the day of the shooting that Goodson had just returned from the dentist when she heard gunfire. She said Goodson then stumbled into the kitchen, bleeding and carrying a Subway sandwich that he had bought on the way home.

But according to law enforcement, Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Meade — who at the time was working for a U.S. Marshal task force that was seeking another suspect — saw Goodson drive by and flash a gun. Police say Meade later confronted Goodson near his car and asked him to drop his weapon. When Goodson refused, Meade fired.

Attorneys for Goodson's family say law enforcement's account of the incident omits "key details that raise cause for extreme concern" and allege that police mistook Goodson's sandwich for a gun.

Despite law enforcement's claims that Goodson was armed as he drove by officers, theyhave not said if he was armed at the time the shooting took place. Goodson's family says that he was legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

There is no video recording of the shooting on file, as Franklin County does not require police to wear body cameras, and its SWAT vehicles are not equipped with dashboard cameras.

On Friday, Columbus Police Chief Tom Quinlan said he expects protests to take place throughout the city over the weekend.

"I hear the cries for this community. I hear your demands for answers, for accountability, for justice ... we understand the issues driving people to gather and speak out," he said.