7 spots in Phoenix to host your fantasy football draft party

Posted at 10:06 AM, Aug 15, 2016
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The NFL season starts in three weeks, and you just discovered your wife doesn’t want you and 11 of your friends hogging the dining room all night to talk about how big of a steal Carson Palmer is going to be.

Hosting at someone’s house can be exhausting anyway. Setting up draft boards or Wi-Fi for 12 people along with enough food and drinks to make everyone happy can be nerve-racking.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together the list below of the best places around the Valley to host your fantasy football draft party, so you don’t have to do all of the work.


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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings has several different options that make it an inexpensive and easy place to host your draft party. However, space is limited at some locations, and certain nights are blacked out due to big sporting events. So make sure to reach out sooner than later.

The deal

$100 minimum food and drink purchase required for your group

One draft board and stickers

"Brag flag" for winner and a "loser "license plate for the last place finisher

10 NFL schedules and beer koozies for your group to take home

10 promotional booklets for the NFL season with coupons

How to sign up

Call or visit your closest Buffalo Wild Wings to ask what days they still have open and to reserve a time

For more details CLICK HERE

Phoenix Ale Brewery Central Kitchen

Phoenix Ale Brewery is one of several breweries offering fantasy draft day deals. What makes Phoenix Ale’s deal stand out is that it includes enough food for everyone to share, along with a complimentary drink. Times are specific and tables are limited, so call in advance to reserve yours.

The deal

Two 14” pizzas (Brew Master, Mashed or Barbecue Black Ironed)

Two orders of 10-piece wings

One Phoenix Ale beer per person (for first 10 people in your group)

Price for all of the above is $100 plus tax and gratuity

How to sign up

Book your table by calling 602-275-5049 or stopping by in person

Culinary Dropout at the Yard

Culinary Dropout at the Yard is hosting a draft party Saturday, August 21 at its Tempe location starting at noon. The party will be held inside the private "Showcase Room" where preseason games will also be shown.

The deal

Fantasy leagues of 8-10 only

$500 food and beverage minimum required

Custom standing draft board is included

How to sign up

Book your table by calling 480-265-3486

Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers/Wasted Grain

If you’re looking for somewhere in the Scottsdale area, Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers, and Wasted Grain, are both offering a simple but effective deal that will help lower your bill come draft night.

The deal

Every person who participates receives a $10 gift card to the restaurant your draft is held at

Commissioner of the league receives a $25 gift card to the restaurant your draft is held at

Happy hour food and drink pricing are also included

Table reservation at no cost

How to sign up

Call ahead to reserve your table and check availability

Cold Beer and Cheese Burgers, Scottsdale: 480-513-2747 

Wasted Grain, Scottsdale: 480-970-0500

Tilted Kilt

What says "guy’s night out" more than Tilted Kilt and football? Need we say more?

The deal

Free draft board and roster boards for 14 people

Food and drink specials exclusive to your group for your draft

“Draft card” for each participant with deals you can use all NFL season during games

Your own “Kilt Girl” commissioner to help make sure the draft goes smoothly

How to sign up

Click HEREto register online and reserve your table

Uptown Alley

If you want to be able to make a longer night out of your draft party, or the northwest Valley is the easiest option for your group, Uptown Alley in Surprise is the perfect spot. Their draft deal starts the night off right, and you can finish it off afterward by bowling and playing games in the arcade area.

The deal

Free to host in the standard dining area

Rent the “event room” for two hours to hold your draft in private with $15 minimum of food/beverage purchases per person

Rent the “event room” for three hours to hold your draft in private with $20 minimum of food/beverage purchases per person

$5 game card per person 

Food and drink specials for the night

How to sign up

Contact Kristin Jovic, Director of Sales & Marketing, 623-277-5868 or

For more details click HERE

Thirsty Lion

All three Thirst Lion locations are hosting fantasy football draft parties leading up to the NFL season. This deal would be great for anyone who doesn’t want to host a draft party, and needs a last minute solution.

The deal

Reserve your table and your entire group will get happy hour prices on food and drinks regardless of the day and time of your draft

No cost to book, and no time restrictions

How to sign up

Email or stop by the Thirsty Lion location you’d like to have your draft at. 

No matter where you host your draft, make sure you check ahead to see if their Wi-Fi will accommodate your entire group or if you need to hold an offline draft.

Did we miss a great deal? If so, let us know in the comment section.