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New Hidden Valley Dips Combine Ranch With Cheese

New Hidden Valley Dips Combine Ranch With Cheese
Posted at 8:11 AM, Jun 05, 2020

Like chocolate, ranch dressing goes with almost everything (except chocolate). Put it on salad, use it as dip for chicken nuggets and veggies — it even goes great on pizza.

There is one thing, however, that could make it even better: mix it with cheese.

Hidden Valley has done just that with two brand-new dips made for salty snacks and veggie platters. The new flavors, garlic parmesan and ranch and aged cheddar and ranch, combine Hidden Valley ranch dressing with real cheese for a thick and creamy dip for all the things you like to eat with ranch.

The garlic parmesan dip combines ranch with parmesan and Romano cheeses, garlic, herbs and spices, while the aged cheddar merges aged-to-perfection cheddar and ranch.

Both dips are available nationwide at Walmart, Kroger and H-E-B in 10-ounce containers for around $3.49.

Both dips are keto-friendly and have around 100 calories per serving, which is two tablespoons. They are best served chilled and must be refrigerated after opening.

Hidden Valley

These new dips join other ranch dips from Hidden Valley, including fiesta ranch and French onion. The fiesta ranch dip is for anyone who likes a bit of spice, as it includes cheese, garlic, onion, red bell pepper, herbs and spices. The French onion dip is a blend of caramelized onion, zesty spices and ranch.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley also introduced three new secret sauces in February (original, spicy and smokehouse) and three other ranch dipping sauces from their Blasted line: zestier ranch, bold Buffalo and ranch-dipped pizza.

The company says the zestier ranch has two times the flavor of their regular ranch while the bold Buffalo dip is made to taste the way ranch tastes after you’ve dipped your Buffalo wings in it. As for the pizza-dipped ranch, well, that tastes like pizza dipped in ranch, as it even includes tomatoes for a marinara sauce flavor.


No matter which one you choose, if you like ranch, it looks like you can’t go wrong!

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