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Individuals detained after deadly ambush on family in Mexico, reports say

Mexico attack
Posted at 11:03 AM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 19:22:16-05

Mexico’s Public Security Minister says individuals have been detained after a deadly ambush on a family last week, ABC News gatherers said Monday.

Officials did not give details on who was detained or from which group, citing the ongoing investigation, according to ABC.

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Authorities have suspected that drug cartels are responsible for the murders of three women and six children, who were ambushed in their vehicles. Multiple other children survived the attack.

Though the motive behind the attack isn't clear, some family members suspect that the family was targeted for their activism against the cartels. Some authorities believe cartels members mistook the family for a rival cartel.

Last week, an individual was detained and suspected of involvement in the attack. The person was found in the town of Agua Prieta, right at the border with the U.S. state of Arizona, holding two hostages who were gagged and tied inside a vehicle. It was later determined they were not involved in the attack.

"We spent time with Governor Pavlovich. I took Colonel Frank Milstead from the Department of Public Safety with me. We were with his his peer in Sonora along with the attorney general. We talked about how we could improve safety and security we are definitely going to prioritize it on this side of the border with the border strike force has always been step one and there's more to do on their part," said Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Monday. "Let's bring them to justice."

"They have to get a handle on the cartels who are continue to terrorize the people in Mexico and now killing American citizens. The Mexican government needs to step up and provide security for their own territories and their citizens and we certainly have a role to partner with them and to provide security assistance to them while they get things under control," said Arizona Senator Martha McSally Monday.

"Certainly in the last year it has gotten worse and American citizens certainly cross a line. But these cartels have taken over a territory-- and they continue to use similar or worse tactics like ISIS and They continue to terrorize their own people and now American citizens," she added.

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