17 spooky items you need this Halloween

Posted at 6:51 AM, Sep 19, 2017
If you’re looking for a spook-tacular Halloween costume or ghoulishly good house accessories, these ideas are for you.

1. The Eyes Have It Removable Wallpaper, $37.99 (for 24×48)

You know that feeling you sometimes have that someone’s watching you? Well, imagine you’re watching a horror movie on the couch, the lights are off, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up…and when you turn around, there they are, on the walls, all around you. These particular eyes are temporary, so you can put them up for the season—say, October?—and then take them down when you can’t handle the creep factor any longer.


Canvas on Demand


Get them here.

2. Halloween Party Decoration Bloody Handprints Plates, $3.66 (8-pack of 9” plates)

These plates are great for a party or for everyday use—around Oct. 31, that is.




Get them here.

3. Blood Bath Shower Curtain, $12.29

While we’re on the topic of blood, this bloody shower curtain is the bloody best one to have up in your home during the month of October (DIY haunted house optional).


Spinning Hat/Amazon


Get it here.

4. Bloody Handprint Window Clings Wall, $9.88

To add a backsplash of bloody handprints to your window, use these. With 56 pieces, you’ll have more than enough to spread the blood bath around.


Moon Boat/Amazon


Get them here.

5. Life of the Party Rat/Mouse/Rodent Chocolate Candy Mold, $5.20

Whether you want to make your children some scary after-school treats or create some rodents for a Halloween party, this mold’s for you!


Cybrtrayd Life of the Party/Amazon


Get them here.

6. Black Spiderweb Tights, $6.99

Real-life spiderwebs may not be fun to get caught in, but we’re all about these black spiderweb tights by


Get them here.

7. Vintage Stainless Steel Dragon Claw Mens Stud Earrings, $11.90

These claw earrings with a blood red center in the middle are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.


Urban Jewelry/Amazon


Get them here.

8. Holding Hands Ghosts, Set Of Three, $89

We know this one is a bit pricier than the others, but what can be creepier than a circle of ghosts casting dark spells on your front lawn? Send your neighbors screaming.


Grandin Road


Get them here.

9. Small Blood Tip Vampire Fangs, $19.99

What’s better than vampire teeth? Why, vampire teeth with “blood” on the tips, of course.


Get them here.

10. Adult Fabric Ghost Mask, $14.99

Even people who know you will get scared when they see you in this ghost mask. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.


Get it here.

11. Phantom Wig, $19.99

If you want a wig option instead of a mask one, this phantom wig will completely transform your look (and your locks).


Get it here.

12. Glass Skull Bottle Flask Decanter, $9.95

Want a spooky pick-me-up? You’ll have one when you sip out of this skull flask (Halloween potion-of-your-choice not included).


All Hallows Eve/Amazon



Get it here.

13. Men’s Horror Robe Costume, $19.96

If you want to look particularly ghoulish, choose this men’s horror robe. You’ll definitely be the life—erm, death—of the party wearing this.


California Costumes/Amazon


Get it here.

14. Happy Halloween Sofa Square Pillow Case, $2.88

This pumpkin pillow case will make you do a double take before you sit on the sofa.


WONOUS-Home & Garden/Amazon


And if you’re craving more options, there are other cases featuring pumpkins, and more.

WONOUS-Home & Garden/Amazon


Get them here.

15. Black And White Luminous Tattoos, $.69

Seeing is believing, and once you put on these temporary tattoos, you’ll see your skin glow like never before.




Get them here.

16. Star Shower Laser Magic, $49.99

This laser “BulbHead” includes six designs, two of which are Halloween-themed, so it’s a multi-purpose holiday item—which is our kind of item!




Get it here.

17. Blood-Dripped Halloween Candles, Price Varies

Finally, there are these bloody candles by ModernMom, aka Jessie Jane, that you can make on your own, and they’re easier than you might think. Just watch this tutorial for inspiration and you’ll have “blood” dripping down your candles in no time!

[h/t: BuzzFeed]

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