Women pay more than men pay for these items

Posted at 6:45 AM, Jan 20, 2016

Ladies, you're paying an average of 7 percent more for some items than men are paying.

It's called the pink tax, and some say it's a myth. But studies show women face higher prices on jeans, deodorants, razors and other things.

And it's hard to notice because they are separated in the store aisles.

In fact, New York Times wrote an editorialencouraging women to shop where the men’s stuff is to save a couple of bucks.

More than 50 percent of women in the U.S. use at least one higher-priced product a day.

Here are some items that cost less for men:

Facial lotion
On average, the men's versions of facial lotion is around $4 cheaper. 

There are plenty of gender-neutral scents out there, and cologne is usually $10 to $15 cheaper in the men's aisle than the women’s aisle. 

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