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Take a ghost tour of the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix this October

Posted at 9:26 AM, Oct 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-07 12:43:46-04

Take October to the next level by going ghost hunting at the Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Phoenix.

The Orpheum Theatre in Downtown Phoenix is said to be a haunted landmark, with many stories of a girl named “Maddie” who is known to make appearances.

“She’s been known to shush people and tap people on the shoulder if they’re not paying attention or if they’re talking during the show,” said David Cruse, Theatrical Venues Manager for the City of Phoenix.

Officials at The Orpheum don’t know the origins of this ghost, or if Maddie is her real name. The theatre’s been around since 1929, and while there have been no known deaths on premises, the original owner Harry Nace died under mysterious circumstances.

Other ghost sightings on property include sightings of a small man late at night in the building’s second floor windows above the lobby. It’s worth noting the windows that face the street are part of an open air lobby with no floor below.

You just might meet Maddie or any of ht other mysterious tenants at the Orpheum’s “Fall Flashlight” tours later this month.

Other tours around the valley include a Downtown Phoenix Walking Ghost Tour hosted by Arizonan’s Hip Historian Marshall Shore.