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Paz Cantina Returns With Bigger Restaurant

Posted at 11:24 AM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 14:24:41-04

One of the most successful restaurants on Roosevelt Row is back, and bigger than ever.

“We always knew coming in that we would have to shut down,” said Maj Kayyali, General Manager of Paz Cantina. “This gave us the opportunity to create a bigger platform so today we have over 2000 square feet, which gives us the restaurant, the bar and the coffee shop.” 

Paz Cantina is on the corner of Roosevelt and 3rd Street, now under an apartment complex. Inside you will find bright walls with paintings from local artists, such as Hugo Medina.

The menu also grew with a bigger variety of tacos. The bar specializes in tequila, and the café is open at 6 a.m., serving coffee with a hint of Mexico. 

Paz Cantina was known for the events it would put on, such as wrestling matches, small concerts, art shows and fundraisers. Now all of it is back in the venue side of the restaurant, which also features large TV’s.

“We want to make this place a spot for everyone, and if there is something that we don’t have and you would like us to get, I will go out of my way to make sure you are comfortable,” said Maj.