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Mexican Folk Dance: A Dance That Tells a Story

Posted at 1:04 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-16 16:04:03-04

Ballet Folklorico Queztalli in Chandler, Ariz. celebrates and teaches Mexican culture through traditional Mexican Folk dance. 

“Basically, we are telling the story of the people from Mexico,” as well as what they saw, ate and who they were, said Vanessa Ramirez, Director at Ballet Folklorico Queztalli.

The dance studio focuses on many different styles of dance that represent different regions in Mexico. 

“In Jalisco, the women are a lot more active and very strong and very flirty and there’s tons of movement with the skirt,” said Ramirez. “In Veracruz, it’s more subtle. The women are more elegant. There’s minimal movement of the skirt, but our footwork is very very strong.”

Mexican culture is expressed down to the smallest detail. 

“We have a dress from the state of Colima which is a white and pink dress,” said Ramirez. 

“This dress represents a coconut candy, and literally, when you look at the candy it’s white, pink and white,” Grizelda Celaya, a dancer at Ballet Folklorico Queztalli.

Mexican Folk Dance has been performed for centuries, Ballet Folklorico Queztalli is keeping the culture alive one step, and one story at a time.

“The dance tells the story. The costume just enhances the story you’re telling,” said Celaya.

“Folk dance helps you better visualize the culture,” said Fernando Frausto, a dancer at Ballet Folklorico Queztalli.