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Laser engraving is just part of the family

Posted at 2:47 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-01 19:15:30-04

Every family has a morning routine: wake up, get the kids ready for school, maybe walk the dog? A family in Gilbert, Ariz. is doing all that and warming up the laser.

Laser engraving is just part of the family business for Josh and Jordan Barclay. And where you see it most is in his flagship company, Spine Wallet, a minimalist wallet in which the idea came about during an uncomfortable vacation. 

“We were going to San Diego and I had sat on my wallet all the way and, I’ve always had, not the best back, but it kind of threw me off,” said Josh Barclay, Owner of Spine Wallet. “We designed up a minimalist wallet that you can fit in your front pocket.”

Spine Wallet is designed and laser etched right at home, but Josh doesn’t do it alone. He eventually roped in his wife, Jordan, to help with designs.

“I do the making, Josh does the people,” said Jordan Barclay, who helps create designs for the wallets, programs the computer and laser to etch those designs, and also helps with deliveries and customers. 

The ease of Spine Wallet evolved into a new company called Eterno Made, where the parents of three etch everything from Spine Wallets and water bottles to virtually anything somebody wants to be engraved. 

The couple operates both businesses from inside their home in the room that would be formally called an office, which is loaded with two high-tech laser engraving machines. 

“We try to tell people in advance that we work out of home,” said Josh Barclay. “Sometimes we forget and it does come as a surprise.”
“It’s not just our take on it, we have some legit equipment that can do some really precise work,” said Jordan Barclay.