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Vitality's Best multi-nutrient collagen founder explains how Collagen helps with mobility and joint pain.

Posted at 8:14 AM, Feb 27, 2023

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Vitality's Best - The World's First Multi-Nutrient Collagen
Prevent and delay aging with a super collagen that absorbs and activates.

What do you do when you want to keep active but
your joints are inflamed and in pain? How about gathering a team of scientists to supercharge a dietary collagen, with all the essential vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and digestive enzymes that
would make it absorb and activate in the body?

Well, this is exactly what Jennifer Keely, the founder of Vitality's Best, did when she went looking for quality supplements to deal with moments of insecurity about how they look, feel, and how they will age.

Jennifer gathered a team of top industry scientist to create the World's first Multi-Nutrient Collagen supplement line, for the whole family.
Collagen 18 and Teen 18, Multi-Nutrient Collagens are formulated to absorb and activate in the body, to maximize the prevention of aging issues like: saggy skin, achy-stiff joints, thinning hair, less energy, and digestive and immune issues.

Each of Vitality's Best's, Multi-Nutrient Collagen products, provide you with 18 premium active ingredients, including:

✓ Hyaluronic Acid- Plumps and firms' skin & keeps joints flexible

✓ MSM- A natural anti-inflammatory, fights free-radicals, and provides muscle recovery and energy.

✓ Vitamin C, D3, K2 (MK7)- Boosts immune system and supports healthy hair, skin & nails

✓ Chelated Zinc - Supports cellular metabolism, immune & skeletal health and activates the

Collagen synthesis in the body.

✓ Saw Palmetto - Supports optimal hormonal balance to support thick, healthy hair & smooth skin (Collagen 18 Only)

✓ Vitamin A - Supports Eye Health (in Teen18 only)

✓ 6 Proprietary Digestive Enzymes- to promote and enhance nutrient intake and absorption

✓ Hydrolyzed multi-collagen blend (Type I, II, III, V, X) from clean bovine, fish, chicken, and eggshell sources that help build muscle mass, improve skin plumpness and elasticity support joint, muscle, cartilage, and bone structure, and increase collagen fibers.

"I knew if the right collagen blend was formulated to absorb and activate, it could provide measurable anti-aging benefits for everyone looking to promote, enhance or restore better living." Jennifer Keely.

Vitality's Best is a convenient daily powder supplement, that comes in an eco-friendly pouch with 30 servings or chose a carton of convenient single serving sachets. Purposely unflavored, it is easy to customize and enjoy every day. Try it in your favorite flavored beverage like coffee, milks, smoothies, or in a soft food like oatmeal or yogurt. Or
check out recipes at

The Vitality's Best Promise
We promise to add no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or sweeteners and to provide the best multi-nutrient products by researching our ingredients, overseeing our production (with love),
and having the best relationships with our distributors, because we care about your Vitality.

Vitality's Best can be purchased at

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