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The World Egg Bank is looking for donors, find out how you can help

Posted at 7:01 AM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 13:15:50-04

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It is a little-known fact that one in 6 couples world wide have trouble conceiving.  Although women tend to see the inability to conceive as their problem, in fact 40% of the time it is due to a male factor, 40% is related to the female, and 10% of the time it is both.  Once lower level technologies or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) do not result in a pregnancy, about 20% of these couples will seek out the assistance of an egg or sperm donor, or both. Age is a primary factor for women.  After age 34, egg quality begins to diminish rapidly, so that by age 40, a woman has only a 2% chance of achieving a pregnancy with her own eggs.  If donor eggs are recommended, The World Egg Bank is here to help.

The World Egg Bank is well known as the world leader in egg freezing technology, and we are located here in Phoenix, in your own backyard.  We have the only egg bank in the world that focuses solely on egg freezing technology, making us the most trusted source for egg banking.  We manage all procedures from recruiting egg donors to shipping the eggs to the patient's infertility doctor, who then warms them, fertilizes them, and transfers the resulting embryos into the uterus of the intended mother or surrogate.  We are not distracted by the many infertility treatment options that independent infertility practices offer, we only procure and provide high quality donor eggs.

Egg donors are the heart and soul of an egg bank, and we are always seeking responsible, compassionate women ages 18-32 to donate eggs.  Women release nearly a thousand eggs a month but only one becomes 'mature' during a menstrual cycle, and the rest of these hundreds of eggs are lost, in the sense that they are no longer viable.  During an egg donation cycle, The World Egg Bank 'rescues' around 20 or so of these eggs for other hopeful couples to use who desires to become parents.  The egg donors are reimbursed for their time, effort, and lost wages.  The process is safe, and the donors are closely monitored by The World Egg Bank during their donation cycle to ensure they are well cared for, which is our number one priority.  
An infertile couple locally or anywhere in the world can select from hundreds of egg donors on our online donor roster. Intended parents are supported by our caring and experienced staff throughout their journey to choose an egg donor. We have been shipping eggs and embryos worldwide since 2004, including to Australia, the UK, Canada, and across the US.  It is free for intended parents to view our full egg donor profiles and photographs on our website or come see us at our state of the art, 8,000 square foot facility in the Biltmore area.  
We make family building a simple reality, and we ensure that those who wish to delay child birth, will have the security of knowing their eggs are frozen for future use.  

The World Egg Bank
Address/Location: 7227 N. 16th Street, Suit 160, Phoenix, Arizona  85020
Phone Number:  602-678-1906

7227 N. 16th Street, Suit 160
Phoenix, Arizona  85020