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Tempe Smile Design wants to be your new family dentist

Posted at 7:59 AM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 13:22:00-04

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Invisalign is a revolutionary product that allows Tempe Dentists to straighten teeth and correct poor bites with a plastic tray or aligner.  It has become one of the most sought out treatments in many practices, including Tempe Smile Design.  It is a great alternative to traditional braces.  No wires, no metal brackets, no bands.  They are virtually invisible to other people.  This is especially attractive to adults who do not want to wear traditional appliances, but is also sought out by teens as well.  And there really is not a patient that is too old.  As long as the teeth are healthy and there is good bone support present, alignment with Invisalign can be done.  

The way Invisalign works is by the use of a series of plastic trays or aligners which progressively align and straighten your teeth.  Patients come into the office for intra- and extra-oral photographs of their face and teeth, and impressions are taken of the teeth.  This information is mailed to Align Technology, where the impressions are scanned into a computer which digitally aligns the teeth.  Once a treatment plan has been created, a video called a Clincheck is posted for the Dentist to evaluate and change.  The Dentist will go back and forth with Align making changes to ultimately achieve the best result possible to either eliminate crowding, close spaces, correct the bite, or any combination of the above.  Once that is accomplished, the aligners are fabricated and sent to the Dentists' office, such as Tempe Smile Design, at which time the patient is brought back to begin treatment.  A series of aligners are delivered to the patient and treatment begins.  Aligners are worn approximately 22 hours per day and changed every 2 weeks.  Treatment times vary, depending on the level of difficulty of the case.  It is a very easy process, and patients quickly get used to wearing the aligners with little interference with most daily activities.

Once treatment is completed, it is necessary to wear retainers to maintain the beautiful and functional results achieved by the treatment.  It is expected that the patient will wear the removable retainers nightly forever (or as long as they want their teeth to remain straight).  Sometimes fixed retainers can be bonded to certain teeth, usually the lower six front teeth, to hold them in place.  These are typically the teeth that relapse the most, and the fixed bar provides added insurance that the teeth will stay in place.  

Orthodontics can aid in the prevention of Periodontal disease, improve a poor bite relationship, prevent unwanted wear of the teeth, improve the results of certain cosmetic work and decrease the need for costly restorative and cosmetic work, both now and in the future.  It is well worth the time and effort.  Visit or to learn more about this fantastic process and call TEMPE SMILE DESIGN (480-829-8200) and start improving that smile today!

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