Renewal by Andersen: The biggest misconception about replacement windows

Posted at 7:47 AM, May 08, 2017

Renewal by Andersen is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

The biggest misconception about replacement windows:

When it comes to things around your home-such as your roof, water heater and furnace-if it's not that old, you assume you have some time before you have to replace it. This is not the case with replacement windows.

Matt Esler, one of the local owners of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, explained why the timeline for windows is very different than other home improvements.

"Homeowners look at their windows and think, 'My windows are not that old, so they don't need to be replaced,' but the truth is home builders install high-end kitchens and bathrooms and low-end windows that lose their energy efficiency," said Esler.

"So even if your windows are only 7 to 10 years old, they still may need to be replaced."

Renewal by Andersen is the full-service replacement window division of Andersen Windows. Unlike other companies who only handle a portion of the job, Renewal by Andersen is the one-stop-shop that manages the whole window project, from start to finish.

"A lot of our customers have already had really bad home improvement experiences with contractors, so the last thing they want is to have to juggle multiple companies in their house trying to complete their window project," said Esler.

Some homeowners like to buy their own windows and don't mind trying to find a reliable contractor to install them, but the Renewal by Andersen customer is different.

"Our customers want to do this job once with a company they can trust," explained Esler. "We sell, build, install and warrant our windows, so if any issues arise now or years from now, there's just one company to call who will handle it."

The window company that homeowners choose is very important, but so is the window material. Windows are currently constructed of wood, vinyl, aluminum or a composite material, and all have different advantages and disadvantages depending on how long you expect to stay in your home. Renewal by Andersen's window material is exceptional.

"We use a wood and thermopolymer composite material called Fibrex®," said Esler. "It has the beautiful look of wood windows, is much more durable than vinyl and doesn't heat up like aluminum. Fibrex material is engineered to be so strong and durable, Renewal by Andersen warrants their window material against peeling and chipping.

If you'd like to learn more about replacement windows, you can schedule a Free In-Home Window Education which will allow you to learn all about windows and patio doors before you buy. The appointment is packed with helpful information about windows, a lot of which isn't available online. A Project Manager will visit your home and discuss the pros and cons of wood, vinyl, metal and composite materials. They will talk about window engineering and the benefits of today's modern window options. And lastly, the Project Manager will provide an exact, down-to-the-penny price quote that will be good for an entire year.

To see if Renewal by Andersen can help solve your window and patio door problems, call to schedule a Free In-Home Window Education. Call (480) 535-9494 or visit

Renewal by Andersen is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.