REEIS Air Conditioning and Home Performance shares tips on optimizing your home

Posted at 7:34 AM, Jun 15, 2017
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REEis Air Conditioning and Home Performance

Now that the temps are rising, have you noticed your A/C unit working overtime? If your system is constantly running, your electric bills are climbing, or you have hot spots throughout your home, the issue may not be you're A/C unit.

At REEis, they understand that your home's air conditioning efficiency and comfort depend on more than just the box on the side of your house. And while the technicians at REEis are more than qualified to repair or replace that box, they think bigger than that.

Their whole-home evaluation gets a complete picture of your home's system, from jumping into the attic to inspect the insulation and the duct work, to measuring airflow pressures and air sealing. They then then guide you to the service you actually need, whether it's adding more insulation, replacing your A/C unit, or sealing and replacing your duct system.

REEis also offers comprehensive annual service plans that include regular cleaning, lubrication and tightening of parts, calibration of thermostats, replacement of worn-out parts, refrigerant charge and more. All of which helps lower utility bills and extend the life of your A/C unit.

Call the air conditioning and home performance experts at (480) 969-7500 to schedule your whole-home evaluation, and learn more about the REEis difference at

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