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Premier Orthodontics talks about their new book, More Than Just Straight Teeth!

Posted at 7:50 AM, Oct 01, 2018
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Never smiling isn't easy in an age of selfies and social media. Children can become self-conscious and embarrassed. Depression affects everything from getting the good grades needed to get into college to first dates, first loves, and enjoying their childhood and teen years. But it doesn't stop there. Uncorrected, bad smiles go with them to college and into their career.
Does your child really need braces? If so, when? Who should you trust to provide the orthodontic care? How will you know you're not being ripped off?
In their new book More Than Just Straight Teeth! A Parent's Guide to Orthodontics, Dr. Dustin and Tyler Coles explain how parents can confidently and correctly make decisions about their child's oral health, appearance, self-esteem and social interactions.
Orthodontic care for a child, preteen, or teen is more than just correcting crooked, crowded teeth with braces. That's like thinking getting tires checked might be a good idea after being stranded with a flat on a night with pouring rain.
Orthodontic check-ups, starting at age eight or nine, are a proper part of child rearing. In many cases, prevention is less troublesome and less costly. Even if you're late getting your son or daughter in, it's still possibly they won't even need braces and other treatment options will do. But if they do need braces, the sooner you know the better.
This book is about more than just braces. Having crooked teeth and an unhealthy bite impacts psychological and emotional health, not just oral health. Orthodontics is about more than just straight teeth.
Why It's Important
1.    Straight teeth function better, are easier to clean, and are more likely to last a lifetime.
2.    People with straight, well aligned teeth can avoid gum disease, which has very serious health ramifications
3.    Properly aligned jaws reduce the risk of jaw pain and conditions like chronic headaches or migraines.
4.    Both kids and adults with great smiles feel better about themselves, and that can greatly increase their confidence.

Some parents put off orthodontic treatment, but these irregularities and problems do not heal themselves. This isn't acne; they don't' grow out of it. The problems only grow worse and are harder to resolve with age.

Dr. Dustin and Tyler Coles want parents to read this book. Be informed. Be able to ask smart questions, and do the right thing. If you take the time to read this book you will be able to correctly and confidently make good choices for your child's orthodontic care.
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