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Premier Orthodontics is offering kids who are in sports FREE custom mouthguards

Posted at 7:37 AM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 12:38:29-04

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Your Child's Teeth Are In Danger When Playing Sports

Sports injuries you'll find on most news highlights typically involve the head, legs, or chest. But did you know that injuries to the teeth and mouth are more common in young athletes, and can be just as dangerous?

39% of all dental injuries are sports related. Children and teens who participate in contact sports are at risk for:
● Injuries to the teeth
● Trauma to the lips, cheeks, or tongue
● Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
While it's impossible to control what happens on the field once the game begins, permanent tooth damage is something a parent should always try to prevent before the game.
Many sports injuries can be avoided with the right mouthguard.
A 2018 study from the American Dental Association has shown that mouthguard users to be 82%-93% less likely to suffer dentofacial injuries than non-users.

What is the Best Type of Mouthguard For Your Child?
Most youth sports programs require mouthguards for young athletes. However, not all mouthguards are created equal.

Many parents might think any mouthguard is "better than nothing,"...

...but most mouthguards you can find in a store are as ineffective as no mouthguard at all!

Custom mouthguards, available from trained dental professionals, are the safest and best-fitting mouthguards available. These mouthguards are used by most college and professional athletes.

Custom mouthguards fit your child's mouth exactly-No pain or discomfort.
They also provide the most protection possible from dental injuries and concussions.

Custom mouthguards, unfortunately, are also the most expensive-costing up to $250.

Premier Orthodontics wants to help keep Arizona kids safe! That's why right now they are offering Free Custom Mouthguard for all youth athletes ages 8-18.

Go to to learn how your child athlete can get a free custom mouthguard today!