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Prana IV Therapy offers a way to stay hydrated and healthy

Posted at 7:39 AM, Aug 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-14 13:36:26-04

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Prana IV Therapy , a new Scottsdale IV clinic & mobile IV therapy service, is delivering wellness to the Phoenix area with a full roster of IV drips, vitamin injections and oxygen therapy. Offering IV therapy packages and vitamin injections designed for almost any illness or wellness need, Prana IV Therapy is committed to helping Phoenicians feel better - fast.
"We pride ourselves on providing a quick and easy way to help our patients feel great, so they can enjoy their day, get back to work, and not waste time feeling sick," said Kirk Wilson, Prana IV Therapy founder.
Prana's most common patients include migraines, flu, nausea, dehydration, hangovers, food poisoning and a range of chronic illnesses. Most clients know they aren't suffering from a true medical emergency, and don't want to spend several hours and hundreds of dollars in the ER. Prana IV Therapy quickly provides IV fluids, vitamins, and medications like anti-inflammatories that are easily absorbed by the body, helping clients feel better almost instantly.
Crowded valley emergency departments are one of the reasons Wilson, an RN and Certified Emergency Nurse who has worked in Phoenix ERs for the last decade, became interested in outpatient IV therapy.
"Wherever we can lessen the burden on hospitals, that's a great thing for the entire healthcare system. So many things can be done outside the hospital setting at low risk thanks to telemedicine. Increasing access to mobile services and innovative therapies is a great way to help more people for less money."
Illness isn't the only reason people call Prana. IV vitamin drips are popular with wellness clients for anti-aging benefits, weight loss support, athletic performance and recovery, energy and immunity boosts, and mental clarity. IV drips like "Lean Vitality" and "Turn Back Time" are full of vitamins, minerals and supplements like glutathione and NAD+ that have shown in studies to be supportive of health and wellness goals.
Prana IV Therapy's IV drips are crafted in conjunction with Scottsdale physician Dr. Ken Ota, DO, who serves as Medical Director. Dr. Ota, founder of O Longevity & Wellness , works directly with the RN team to ensure the safety and suitability of Prana's protocols for each patient.
IV therapy isn't just a rising trend in Phoenix - cities across the country from San Diego to Miami are seeing IV therapy clinics popping up.
"People love it because you can actually feel the results," remarked Wilson. "We have all taken vitamins and wondered if they really helped and if we even feel different. With IV therapy, you know it helps because you feel it working, and you feel better within minutes. The proof is in the IV bag!"
Prana IV Therapy is a Scottsdale IV therapy clinic located at Scottsdale and Shea offering a range of wellness services including IV drips, vitamin injections, and NAD+ IV therapy. Prana also offers mobile IV therapy service to homes, hotels and offices across Phoenix with no travel fee. Visit or call 480-202-4993 to learn more or book an appointment.