OfferPad: How to sell your home quick and easy

Posted at 7:52 AM, Apr 20, 2017
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OfferPad removes the hassle of selling your home

Home Sellers Qualify for a Free Local Move

Are you downsizing, relocating for a job or military, have a big life change, a pet owner, or just curious about the housing market? Like thousands of homeowners, selling a home can be a headache. The home selling process can require a lot of time, planning, showings, months on the market, costly repairs, paperwork, negotiating, uncertainty… on and on and on. There has to be a better way, right?! Yes. And you can live happily ever after.


OfferPad is the easiest and smartest way to sell your home, aiming to provide convenience, control and excellent value to homeowners. They buy the home directly from you, at their top price, you pick your close date, and they’ll move you locally for free! The new Free Local Move service is an additional way the company delivers on its brand promise of providing the ultimate home selling experience.


“Selling our home through OfferPad has completely changed the way we think about the home selling process,” said Laura Workman, one of the first sellers who tried OfferPad’s Free Local Move when it was piloted in Phoenix. “Traditionally it’s been such a high-stress experience from putting the home on the market through to the move. OfferPad took care of everything from beginning to end. From buying our home directly to coordinating our move across town for free! They made it a very smooth and hassle-free experience.”


OfferPad helps many homeowners enjoy the ultimate home selling experience. With OfferPad, you get more:


?       Savings - The average OfferPad customer chooses to close in 27 days. Traditional sales stretch to an average of 140 days, and require an additional 4+ months of extra mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and HOA fees.

?       Value - OfferPad will pay up to $2,000 in title and escrow fees at closing.

?       Convenience & Control - They eliminate the traditional home selling hassles, stress, and uncertainty. The best part is – you pick when to sell, close and move.

?       Free Local Move - If you’re moving across town, OfferPad will move your belongings for free. They do it all for you so you can relax and get excited about what’s coming next.


Click. Sold. Move. OfferPad does it all from start to finish. Letting you skip months of stress and uncertainty. And they can do it as fast as you need so you’re free to move on with money in your pocket.


So if you're just curious to see the price they offer on your house, planning to sell in the next couple months, or needing to move in five days, all homeowners are welcome to submit a request at any time. It’s fast, free, no obligation, and doesn’t affect your credit score.  There is no easier, more convenient way than with OfferPad.
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OfferPad is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.