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OctoClean has franchise opportunities, and top-notch janitorial services

Posted at 7:54 AM, Aug 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 12:09:48-04

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For more information about OctoClean, call 888-540-0828 or visit
OctoClean franchise opportunities are now available in the Greater Phoenix Area.

Commercial cleaning franchisor, OctoClean, is in the business of creating powerful, self-sustaining business owners. For over 30 years, their franchise base has delivered the best quality commercial cleaning services to businesses like Davita, Altura and Basis Ahwatukee Charter Schools.

Now, Phoenix residents can realize their dreams of becoming a business owner by starting their very own OctoClean franchise.

Why should you own an OctoClean franchise? Operating an OctoClean franchise gives you the opportunity to make time for the things that matter most to you. The hours are flexible, OctoClean's methods are easy to learn and you have the power to grow your business at your own pace. While many OctoClean franchise owners have made OctoClean their primary source of income by hiring a full staff and taking on large accounts, some have decided to stay small and operate when they want or in addition to other passions. As an OctoClean franchise owner, the choice is yours.

No experience is required. All you need prior to starting a franchise is a willingness to learn and a drive to make your business a success. Everyone follows the same five steps to become an OctoClean franchise owner:
1. Schedule a meeting to learn more - this is informational only
2. Do your research
3. Pass our vetting process
4. Sign the agreement
5. Begin operating your business

OctoClean is a family. The company began as a small family-owned business and many franchises are family-owned and operated to this day. OctoClean franchise owners meet regularly and work closely with their corporate support team.

Training at OctoClean is on-going. You will learn the right way to clean, but also how to manage your business, train your own staff and supervise for their success. OctoClean training programs include detailed online courses, a 30-day initial training and continuous on-site training at your locations.

What's next? If you are a business owner looking for a quality cleaning provider or someone looking to start a cleaning business of your own, contact OctoClean to get started.

For more information about OctoClean, call 888-540-0828 or visit