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Nutrition expert, Dr. Nicole Avena, discusses pure, clean Vitamins with Frunutta

Posted at 7:38 AM, Nov 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-18 11:27:52-05

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In this segment, Dr. Nicole Avena, nutrition expert, discusses the importance of pure, clean vitamins. The story behind the making of Frunutta, a pure, clean vitamin company is really amazing. The founder, Dr. Alavi's, son was born with autism. And one of the many extraordinary and heartbreaking challenges facing autistic children is that they are unable to swallow pills or absorb many vitamins and nutrients (due to a condition common among autistic children).

Dr. Alavi's only option was to inject his son with the critical vitamins on a weekly basis. And as awful as these shots were for the son, they were even more heart-wrenching for his father, leaving him feeling helpless and exhausted. And so he made a commitment to solve this problem, one he knew millions of other people faced: how can I ensure my child has a healthy level of vitamins and nutrients without resorting to pills or shots? He partnered with a small team of doctors and scientists to develop and produce something genuinely new and revolutionary: a vitamin you don't have to swallow. Instead, it would quickly dissolve under the tongue, delivering pure vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. They built their development lab and production facilities from the ground up, right here in the U.S. They perfected a family of vitamins and supplements based on the idea that getting crucial vitamins and minerals into the body without having to swallow pills was the easiest, safest and purest way to get what your body needs every day. The result of all this is that a child was made healthier. A parent's life was made immeasurably easier. And Frunutta was born.

Every pill you swallow follows the same path: into your stomach to be broken down and digested, through your liver to be further cleansed, and finally, whatever is left enters your bloodstream. Over time, however, pill makers have realized that a lot of the vitamin that was supposed to nourish the body was actually being destroyed along the way. So pill makers added stronger coatings and shellacs to protect the pills in the stomach. They added sugars to make the pills more palatable. And they introduced artificial colors, fillers and other ingredients, things that were never designed to be consumed by any living thing, to make their pills look prettier or feel easier to swallow. And so the vitamin pill you buy in the store today is almost completely made up of stuff that has nothing to do with the vitamin itself.

Frunutta vitamins and minerals are designed to dissolve under the tongue we do not have any of those other ingredients. The base for any Frunutta pill is tiny amounts of lactose (to help the dissolving) and acacia gum (to hold the pill together). And, of course, the vitamin itself. We don't need to add sugars and coatings and fillers, we don't need to make tablets that look beautiful in the bottle. We just need to make sure they work.

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