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Posted at 7:50 AM, Aug 01, 2017
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Back to School Eyewear Trends & The Importance of Kids Eye Exams
Every sun-kissed, popsicle-craving, sprinkler-on-the-lawn-loving child knows: September means saying goodbye to those colorful sunglasses and saying hello to a binder-sized pencil pouch chock-full of school supplies.
And though your little one may not be looking forward to trading in those grass-stained shorts for a fresh school year wardrobe, the back to school to-do list doesn't just end at backpacks, ballpoint pens, and blouses: your son or daughter should also have a back to school eye exam before they hit the books.
Because your child is constantly growing and changing, it's important to schedule routine eye exams no matter their age. Though it may seem surprising, your son or daughter's eyesight has the potential to change in just a year, and by scheduling annual appointments with an experienced eye doctor, you'll be sure to stay on top of any new prescriptions or eye care updates.
Since going back to school means going back to essay writing, computer screens, and quadratic equations written in chalk on far-away blackboards, there's really no better time to head over to your local Nationwide Vision office to make sure that your child is equipped for success.
And because every new school year means a brand new look, come browse our wide selection of up-to-date designer glasses . Whether she's hipster-chic or he's fashion-forward, your child is sure to find a brand new pair of frames to fit his or her personality.
Here are the back to school trends for 2017:
·       Boys: More mature colors like blacks and blues
·       Girls: Deep purples with a pop of a fun color
·       Plastic frames are still the most popular material with kids
·       "Adult" styles - just smaller versions of what Mom/Dad or big brother/sister are wearing
·       Ray Ban and Oakley kids frames are the hot new brands for kids this year
·       Lenses - Tegra for kids which are extremely durable and light weight. Blue Tech lenses, protects children's eyes from harmful Blue light
So before you get the camera ready for those first day of school photos, make sure your summer-loving little one has everything he or she needs to make this academic year the best one yet.
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Nationwide Vision is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living