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MakeUp Eraser: Remove all your makeup in seconds with just water

Posted at 7:06 AM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 13:49:03-04

The Original Makeup Eraser is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

The Original Makeup Eraser is the first ever reusable makeup removal system. Soon after the Phoenix Company launched MakeUp Eraser in 2013, it became a worldwide phenomenon for a few reasons.

MakeUp Eraser removes 100% of your makeup with water only. This includes waterproof eyeliner and mascara, long lasting lip colors and much more. Before using it, wash The MakeUp Eraser with a load of laundry. Then, just drench the cloth in warm water and use circle motions to erase your makeup. The best part is… it's reusable. Use MakeUp Eraser all week before throwing it in the wash and no stains remain. MakeUp Eraser will last up to 1000 machine washes and eliminates the need to buy disposable product to remove your makeup. The MakeUp Eraser is a cloth with a hand-sewn sateen edge that's plush and soft to the touch.

MakeUp Eraser is anti-bacteria and safe for the environment. Using Makeup Eraser to remove your makeup is all about helping your skin, not using unnecessary harmful chemicals to remove your makeup.

Last but not least, Did we mention that the company that founded MakeUp Eraser is based in Phoenix, Arizona?! Treat yourself to a spa like experience at home every day, while saving money!

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MakeUp Eraser

The Original Makeup Eraser is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living