Let's Play Music brings a love of music back to kids

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Let's Play Music, a research based children's music program, has enjoyed phenomenal growth and acclamation due to its innovative, foundational, FUN way to teach music to children.  Over the past 19 years, Let's Play Music, has established 400 private studios nationwide and 52 in Arizona alone.  

In 1998, Shelle Soelberg, Mesa resident and mother of five, set out to create a children's music curriculum that emphasized total musicianship through piano playing, note-reading, ear-training, singing, and classical music study.  Let's Play Music was the result.  After two years of teaching, parents, teachers and students were so delighted with the program that the overwhelming demand caused her to train more teachers in the method.  Since that time, it has ballooned into 400 teachers and 20,000 total students in 38 states.  In 2012, Sound Beginnings, which is a program for babies and toddlers, was introduced.

Soelberg states:  "The reason for the success of Let's Play Music is simple.  It teaches highly complex musical skills and concepts and presents them in a playful class setting.  Students dance, sing, and play their way through a three year foundational music theory course. Using research-based techniques, this innovative curriculum begins with singing and simple instruments and by the end of the third year, students are playing piano at an intermediate level, transposing, composing, sight-reading, and are prepared to excel in further private piano instruction."

Experts agree that Let's Play Music is head and shoulders above the rest.  Barbara Spoelman, PhD in Piano Pedagogy from ASU states, "The Let's Play Music program prepares the musical palette in young children so that they have the necessary skills to excel in private music instruction. There is no substitute for a solid foundation in early music study.  I have witnessed its value in every piano student I have seen graduate from this program." 

Parents across the country continue to be amazed at the ingenuity and effectiveness of the course.  Janae Adams, third time participant says, "Let's Play Music is the most phenomenal music training program I have ever seen!  Even though I had music lessons all my life, I am amazed with all I learn every time I go! And we have so much fun the kids don't even realize they're learning!!  Let's Play Music™ has produced fine musicians in our family."

The Program
Children begin Let's Play Music at age 4-6.  Class sizes are held to 6-8 members for optimal participation and interaction.  Weekly 45 minute classes, home study guides and CDs, plus songbooks, flashcards and activity pages all round out this richly exciting curriculum.  The second and third years of instruction include classroom keyboards with each child sitting at his own keyboard for class instruction and fun interaction.  Sound Beginnings classes are family classes for ages 0-4 and prepare students for Kindergarten and Let's Play Music.

For testimonials, videos, FAQ's and more, visit  www.letsplaymusicsite.com

Let's Play Music is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living


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