Learn the 5 layers of interior design to make decorating your home easy

Posted at 7:53 AM, Apr 20, 2017
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Design Layers with La-Z-Boy
Layer #1 - Architectural Elements, Window Treatments & Function
This living room is small, and without a feature on the large wall, it would have just looked like a big box. By adding the white painted planked wall treatment, it created texture and made the room interesting.
The planked pattern was repeated in the floors using this porcelain wood-look tile that stays in keeping with the timeless look of this space.
Window Treatments
Very simple white grommet draperies were used in this space to keep the light airy look of the room.
There was one obvious place for the television in this space, so it was hung only the only real wall, for the best view, as well as having a great view from the kitchen behind.

Layer #2 - Upholstered Furniture
Now it's time to go ahead and add your big furniture pieces. Play with the placement until you get the feel and function you want. In this case, we had a few choices. Make an 'L' shape with the sofas and put the two navy chairs in front of the windows, or flip it and move the chairs in front of the staircase. In the end, we thought the most open arrangement was to face the chairs to the television. This made for great traffic flow from the dining room and kitchen behind as well as for optimal television watching position.
As far as the furniture choices go, we chose smaller scale sofas in white to blend into the space. This will maximize the seating without creating a heavy overfilled room. The sofas and chairs have high legs to keep the floor space feeling open as well.

Layer #3 - Tables & Rug
The tables chosen for this room are in keeping with the simple design and provide multiple functions. The nesting cocktail tables, slide apart to provide a surface for drinks while entertaining. The contrast of the espresso entertainment console matches the kitchen cabinets and ties the great room together. Hidden behind the sofa on the right, is a sofa table. It will provide a landing spot for a drink as well as a space for a lamp.
This graphic navy and white rug was one of the inspirations for the space, bringing bold interest and clearly defining the living space and unifying the navy and white color scheme.

Layer #4 - Wall Décor, Lamps & Accessories
Accessories are the perfect layer to use color and go out on a limb. They are affordable and so easy to switch out when you want a different look. Here is where you can throw in different styles too. Don't be afraid to mix a modern accessory with something more traditional.
In this living room, we had a lot of wall space to fill and we added some drama by layering the art, adding fun metallics and navy blue framed prints. The pops of coral were added last in the garden stool and throw. The coral was carried through to accessories in the kitchen to tie the great room together. The lamps are simple, silver and white, complementary but not matching, which makes it a little more interesting.
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La-Z-Boy is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living