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Ike Devji is the founder and managing attorney at Arizona Wealth Law

Posted at 7:43 AM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 12:51:51-04

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Arizona Wealth Law
Uniquely Qualified and Experienced Planners
For Successful Arizona Residents

Arizona and the Phoenix and Scottsdale metro areas in particular, have a bright and vibrant culture of successful entrepreneurs. That success needs to nurtured and protected in ways that go far beyond what traditional estate planning and financial planning alone can provide. That's where Arizona Wealth Law comes in.

The firm's highly experienced Arizona wealth preservation law team, led by Scottsdale Asset Protection attorney Ike Devji, has been privileged to serve some of the most successful residents of our state for 16 years. Devji helps protect a national client base that includes several thousand physicians and several thousand more, higher net-worth, business owners and entrepreneurs with billions of dollars in assets.

In many cases, clients seeking help protecting their success are referred to the firm by their own legal counsel or financial advisors, who want one of the most qualified Asset Protection teams in the southwest to help handle this crucial planning.

What Exactly is Asset Protection?
Often referred to as "success maintenance" or "net worth insurance" asset protection planning is proactive legal planning that helps identify all of successful person's personal and professional risks. Once those risks are identified, the right risk management and legal tools are put in place so that the assets can be predictably managed, protected from their owner's liability and enjoyed and passed on. It is often described as "life planning" as opposed to traditional estate planning or "death planning" which plans only for what happens for what happens to your wealth at your death.

Both are important, and asset protection plans always work as extension of a well-crafted estate plan but Devji says that there are two key issues that people often overlook:

First, conventional estate planning, like your revocable living trust or "family trust" will not protect your assets, from your liabilities, during your life. Many of the most successful people in Arizona learned this the hard way during the recession. They were shocked that their estate plans didn't protect them and when they found out that Arizona law protected only $150K of their home equity and almost none of their other taxable assets and savings.

Second, it must be proactive. You can only legally plan to protect your wealth when you have no specific known claims or exposures. Acting late, after you have a crisis is ineffective, easily defeated and often both civilly and criminally actionable. In fact, lawyers are ethically and legally prohibited from doing so on

Arizona Wealth Law serves clients across the state, in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona and beyond. The firm's clients include some of Arizona's most successful and dynamic business leaders in many fields, including, but certainly not limited to:
· Entrepreneurs and Family Business Owners
· Real Estate business professionals including Developers, Builders, Contractors and Investors
· Highly Compensated Professionals and Executives
· Physicians and medical business owners
· Holders of sudden wealth, including inheritors, professional athletes, etc.

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