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Give Up My Timeshare will help you end your timeshare

Posted at 8:54 AM, Jan 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 12:25:49-05

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Ending your timeshare just got easier, the real deal has arrived.
Hundreds of valley residents have successfully ended their timeshares through a local and proven resource, Give Up My Timeshare. The company has a unique model which is centered around a transaction with zero payments until close of escrow. In essence, there is no risk involved in their process. Everything goes through a third-party title company like a traditional real estate transaction, including all funds. Clients have nothing to lose.

Offering education and resources for avoiding timeshare exit scams is a passion for their CEO Alexandra Olson. "In an industry riddled with deceit and fraud, we give our knowledge freely and hope, if nothing else, that we can help the masses avoid being the victim of a scam."
As a 15-year veteran of the timeshare industry, Olson has catapulted into the spotlight as the leading industry expert on timeshare and exit scams after releasing a webinar, THE TRUTH ABOUT TIMESHARE. It even landed her on FOX 10 Phoenix, ABC 15, The Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Business Journal.

Whether estate planning, sick of the never-ending cycle of rising maintenance fees, or just tired of dealing with the archaic, expensive exchange system, there are plenty of reasons folks are dumping their timeshare.

When asked about Give Up My Timeshare, Olson shares "our mission is to revolutionize the timeshare exit industry by providing a zero-risk option for timeshare owners that want out! We're very transparent about it. No risk, zero funds due up front and a legal timeshare exit so you can be done with your timeshare forever. We're very proud of that!"

Here are Olson's top tips for avoiding the many scams out there:
1- NEVER PAY UPFRONT - You would not pay a Realtor before they sold your house, do not pay an exit company before they get you out! In fact, ask if they use a 3rd-party title company that protects your funds until close of escrow.
2- BEWARE OF NEGOTIATORS - If anyone advises you to stop paying maintenance fees as a means of negotiating your timeshare contract, RUN! This can lead to impact on credit and other assets and ultimately encourage the resort to be unwilling to approve a transfer.
3- THERE IS NO RESALE MARKET - Accept that there are thousands of timeshares not selling for one penny. Timeshare is outdated and there is no market for resale. Do not pay timeshare listing companies to advertise something that will never sell.

To discuss your timeshare exit options visit or call us at 833-344-8387.