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Camino del Sol Funeral Chapel & Cremation Center explains choices surrounding whole-body donations

Posted: 6:50 AM, Sep 05, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-05 12:59:35-04

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Whole-body donation can be a wonderful choice to make when you are considering your end of life options, but that choice should be made only after educating yourself. Here are a few questions that you should ask any organization you are considering:
1. Will I be guaranteed acceptance of my body at the time of my passing?
2. What are the criteria used to determine whether I will be accepted into your program at the time of my passing?
3. How long should my family expect to wait before my remains are returned to them?

The fact of the matter is that donors who seem like excellent candidates when they go through the screening process may not be eligible for donation upon death. There are many factors that are considered at the time of passing that determine eligibility for whole-body donation:
· The time between death and being placed into refrigeration
· The amount of trauma a body endures before passing
· The amount of time it will take to transport the body to where it will be stored
· Availability of storage space
· The need for your body

Another fact is that a high percentage of those who sign up for donation do not get accepted into a program at the time of their passing. We at Camino del Sol feel that it is important to have a "Plan B" in place should this happen to you.

Think of your family, dealing with their grief at your loss, being told that where they thought you were going is not possible and they now have to decide, in that moment, what to do with you. It is a stress that can be avoided by pre-planning your final arrangements with a funeral home as a backup plan. It is an extra level of security that you can provide for the ones you love.
We survey every family that we help with final arrangements. We do this so that we can gain insights into the community that we serve. Over and over, we have found that those families whose loved one planned their final arrangements in advance are more satisfied with their experience because the hard decisions had already been made, and all they needed to do was spend time with each other and share memories.

Again, making the decision to donate your body is a wonderful decision, but make sure that you have thought the decision all the way through, and have fully protected your loved ones should the unexpected happen. You will have better piece of mind knowing that you have covered all the bases.

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