Market Street Kitchen prepares lighter fare

Posted at 3:58 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 12:47:03-05

Lobster roll
1 hawaiian hot dog bun
4 oz. Lobster salad
1 oz. Fennel aioli

Toast the hot dog bun in melted butter on all sides.  Place chilled lobster salad in the bun with fennel aioli.  

Lobster Roll Mix         
2 lb. Cooked Lobster Meat
4 cups Mayo
1 oz. celery, finely diced and sautéed
1 oz. onion, finely diced and sautéed
2 lemons, zested and juiced
.5 fl. oz. celery salt
.5 fl. oz. fennel pollen
1 fl. oz. chives
Salt & Pepper              
Combine all ingredients and taste.                 
Steelhead Salmon with Orange Horseradish Cream, Brocollini and Beets
6 oz. Steelhead Salmon
3 fl. oz. Orange Horseradish Cream (see recipe below)
¼ lb. brocollini
½ lb. baby beets
¼ lb. red wine poached mushrooms

Bake the steelhead on a sizzle platter with broccolini, beets and mushrooms until steelhead is medium.  Layer the plate with orange horseradish cream and place the salmon in the middle of supporting vegetables.  

Orange Horseradish Cream
2 cups heavy cream
½ tbsp. dill
¼ tbsp. garlic
½ tbsp. fresh horseradish
½ tbsp. orange zest
Juice of 1 orange
¼ tbsp. black pepper

Add all ingredients in a pot and reduce by 1/4. Cook for 30 minutes on a very low simmer, then strain.  

Burrata Caprese
2 oz. burrata
8 oz. Heirloom Tomato
¼ lb. brocollini
1 oz. shallots
.5 fl. oz. balsamic reduction
1 fl. oz. extra virgin olive oil
.07 oz. micro basil
Grilled Croutons

Place the sliced and wedge tomatoes on a plate with broccolini and sliced shallots.  In the center of the plate, place the burrata.  Grill the crouton and cie.  Drizzle the balsamic reduction and evoo over the whole plate and garnish with basil.  

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