Chef Jared Porter prepares mouth watering brunch items

Posted at 7:53 AM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 14:07:10-04

Belgian Waffle
Eggs, separated, whites reserved 4 ea
Butter, melted 1 c
Flour 4 c
Baking powder 3 T
Baking soda 1 T  
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar ½ c
Milk 2 c
Kimchi Juice 2 c
Combine dry ingredients
Beat egg whites stiff
Combine wet ingredients
Combine dry with wet, and mix well
Fold in egg whites

Duck Croquette
Pulled Duck 2#
Pickled Ginger, minced 1 c
Szechuan Peppercorn 1 tsp
5 Spice 1 tsp
Cilantro, chopped ¼ c
Hoisin ½ c
Duck Fat ½ c
Egg 4ea
Panko 1c
Salt To taste

In large mixing bowl, add pulled duck, room temp duck fat, hoisin, and spices
Add egg one at a time
Mix in panko, salt, cilantro and pickled ginger
Patty in 2oz portions in large ring mold
Cover in buzzed up panko

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