Kentucky Dept. of Criminal Justice asks for volunteers to get drunk, gets large response

Posted at 6:23 AM, Feb 28, 2019

Police in Kentucky say they got a large response when they asked for volunteers to consume a few alcoholic beverages and participate in some good ol' sobriety testing.

The Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice posted on their training Facebook page Monday that they needed volunteers for three different classes to train their recruits. The volunteers would "consume regulated amounts of alcohol" and undergo sobriety tests.

For their time, volunteers will get a free meal and $100 — and of course the alcohol (bourbon, rum and vodka) will be provided free of charge.

Trainers say participants must register a .00 blood-alcohol level before they're allowed to leave. The department posted that they had received over 700 emails and 160 voicemail messages in response to their posting as of Wednesday.

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