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How To Make Orange Dreamsicle Moonshine At Home

How To Make Orange Dreamsicle Moonshine At Home
Posted at 7:10 AM, Apr 23, 2020

Moonshine tends to bring to mind visions of homemade stills and crime syndicates. But just as brewing your own beer and making your own wine is becoming a popular pastime, so too is making moonshine! Despite its somewhat seedy reputation, this spirit is definitely evolving from its Prohibition-era roots and becoming a true art form.

Just look no farther than this recipe for orange dreamsicle moonshine from DIY Joy. It’s made with orange juice, sugar, vanilla extract and vodka, but the secret to this delectable handmade cocktail is the inclusion of powdered coffee creamer. It helps to add a creamy flavor without diluting the alcohol content.

You’ll also need moonshine or Everclear, a high-proof grain-based spirit. Note that the sale and purchase of Everclear is illegal in several states, though.

Once you nail that yummy cocktail recipe, try this apple pie moonshine recipe from It’s a Keeper. Made with apple juice, apple cider, cinnamon sticks and Everclear, this is a potent but delicious cocktail that has a crisp, fruity bite. The recipe notes that if you don’t have access to moonshine or Everclear, use the highest-proof vodka you can find.

Or for a Southern twist on this vintage spirit, try Sweet Tea Moonshine, made with tea bags, sugar and moonshine. Instagrammer @still_moonshine shows us how it’s done:

You can make your own moonshine with a few simple ingredients, but “legal” moonshine is now easily accessible in a lot of places. While the spirit was originally named for how it was made, under the dark cover of night, today, moonshine is no longer fermented in secret. Now, moonshine has many different names, such as raw whiskey, white whiskey, unaged corn whiskey or “white dog,” and they all pay homage to those illicit days when alcohol was outlawed and people had to be creative to satiate their cocktail cravings.

Now many distilleries proudly create moonshine with quality ingredients and fun flavor combos — a far cry from those days when bad moonshine was rumored to make you go blind.

Sugarlands makes a variety of moonshine flavors, from ole smoky chocolate cherries to rye apple and peppermint:

No matter which of these recipes you follow, you might consider serving it up as a float, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

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