Tips to land your first job after graduation

Posted at 4:18 PM, May 25, 2016

As graduates begin to venture out into the "real world," following their college graduation, some may wonder what to do next or how to find their first "real" job.

Here, hiring experts at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union offer top tips for nailing your first job post-graduation:

•  Take advantage of your university or college's career services department:

For many students, a career services office is an unknown part of what their tuition pays for. Career services counselors can assist in connecting you to alumni in your field of interest, in addition to assisting with drafting an effective cover letter and resume. 

•  Consider an internship

Employers are looking for applicants with on-the-job experience now more than ever. If you were unable to complete one during your time at school, consider an internship post-graduation to give you some needed experience in your field of choice. While you may need to work another job to earn money, this route can often be your best bet in giving you a leg up against the competition. 

•  Utilize social media for good

Create a LinkedIn profile and begin professional outreach as soon as possible. Sites like LinkedIn serve as online resumes for your work experience and offer the opportunity to network digitally.

•  Know how to make a good first impression 

Invest in a suit or a few key pieces of quality business attire to make sure you're putting forth your best first impression. 

•  Always follow up

Whether via email or handwritten note, follow up is essential and reiterates to a potential employer that you're interested in the position with their company.

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