Trey Songz: Rapper/singer arrested during AFC Championship Game in Kansas City

Trey Songz
Posted at 11:31 AM, Jan 25, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Monday that singer and rapper Trey Songz was arrested in Kansas City on Sunday night at the AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.

According to the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), who did not name the rapper due to pending possible charges, said Monday on Twitter that private security was called to handle a complaint from fans that “a man was not following Arrowhead [Stadium] fans’ code of conduct or the mandates of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department."

When the man refused to comply, security asked the man to leave Arrowhead Stadium. He allegedly refused to leave and law enforcement was called to assist in the fan’s ejection.

“Officers advised the man that if he did not leave, he would be arrested for trespassing," KCPD said. "He still refused to comply, at which point officers told him he was under arrest. The man then punched a police officer and put him in a headlock.”

The man, who was subdued and arrested after other officers at the scene, was arrested and transported to the Jackson County Detention Center.

KCPD said it is barred under Missouri law from releasing the suspect’s name until charges are filed.

Trey Songz, whose legal name is Tremaine Aldeon Neverson, is an award-winning singer, songwriter and actor. TMZ posted a video, which it reports to be of Songz’s arrest, shortly after last night’s game.

The Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has yet to announce what, if any, charges Songz will face stemming from his arrest Sunday at Arrowhead.

Songz was arrested in December 2016 and charged with aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer causing injury during a concert in Detroit. The officer and a photographer who Songz allegedly hit with a thrown microphone stand sued the singer.

This story was originally published by Tod Palmer on KSHB in Kansas City.