Oreo is raising money for charity by auctioning off cookies licked by musician Lewis Capaldi

Posted at 10:23 AM, Aug 27, 2019

Want to buy some cookies that have been pre-twisted, pre-licked and pre-dunked by a megastar, pop legend, philanthropist and all-round nice guy?

That's how Oreo is trying to market an item it has up for auction on eBay.

Oreo teamed up with Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi for a very strange gimmick. But don't worry — it's for charity.

The infamous cookie brand is auctioning off a pack of its signature sandwich cookies that have Capaldi's spit all over them. According to the item description on eBay, the Oreo cookies have been twisted, licked and dunked by Capaldi and are presented in a frame signed by the celebrity himself.

The money from the auction is going to Nordoff Robbins, the United Kingdom's largest independent music therapy charity.

So far, the auction has fetched £1,650, or roughly $2,028, and the bidding will end Wednesday, according to the eBay auction page.

But beware — the cookies have been varnished to preserve their Capaldi-liciousness and are no longer edible, so please don't eat them if you buy them.