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‘Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits’ to open in Downtown Phoenix

‘Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits’ to open in Downtown Phoenix across Chase Field.
Posted at 11:47 AM, Jul 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-26 14:47:12-04

PHOENIX — ‘Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits’ is set to open this August in Phoenix. The local family business that’s stepping into the downtown scene will initially open its doors as a boutique as they work to get their liquor license approved.

“For now, we’re opening as a pop-up boutique selling basically everything but the bottle. So, we’ll have high-quality unique glass wear, decanters, alcohol-related pins, and bottle openers,” said Megan Campbell, the primary owner of Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits, to ABC15. “We’ll have a lot of homemade products, a lot of certain resin wine carriers, and dispenser things... just really interesting fun things for your home to make your bar more exciting.”


Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits was intended to be a distillery that would have a tasting room on location.

“We have some room in the back — that’s where we will get the alcohol, we’ll add the flavors, the infusions [and] do the bottling,” said Campbell. “In the front [of the business], do the tasting [with] probably 15 people and we’ll have up to 40 different infusions.”

For now, Campbell’s plans will have to wait.

Interior construction of Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits

“Unfortunately, we’ve run into some licensing issues. For distilleries, you have to be licensed on the city, state, and federal level… unfortunately while we’re going through this process its been discovered that the space we’re in — the downtown location that we’re in — the zoning is not appropriate, it does not specifically list distillery as an intended use,” said Campbell to ABC15. “That’s something that we can fix but it can take up to six months going through that process with the city of Phoenix.”


  • The soft opening date is August 7.
  • Location: 310 S 4th Street [Suite 110] in Phoenix