The Gladly's chef Bernie Kantak launching new concept for his 'Original Chopped Salad'

Posted at 4:33 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 18:33:36-05

The chef behind Valley restaurants "The Gladly" and "Citizen Public House" has plans to open a third restaurant concept surrounding one of his most well-known dishes -- the chopped salad.

During Sunday's Devour Phoenix event (a premiere eating and drinking event in the Valley), chef Bernie Kantak revealed his plans to open "OMFG Salad," a fast-casual, grab-and-go-style eatery featuring salads, sandwiches and rice bowls.

(Because you're already curious, OMFG does not stand for what it does in text messages. In this case, it stands for "Original Mixed Feel-Good Salad.")

Chef Kantak is reportedly titled with creating his version of the "Original Chopped Salad" 20 years ago and features its ingredients, including baby arugula, smoked salmon and corn, in a series of colorful rows.

The plan is to open three locations around the Valley and possibly even a food cart, he said. The team has been scouting the Valley for open spots, but specific locations have yet to be determined.

His team is looking for thepublic to recommend locations, too.

Kantak hopes to have the restaurants open by the end of the year.