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Take a look: Valley family that founded Frutilandia opens ‘Taqueria Factory’

‘Frutilandia x Taqueria Factory’ in Chandler
 ‘Frutilandia x Taqueria Factory’ in Chandler
Posted at 1:00 AM, Sep 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-22 12:17:58-04

CHANDLER, AZ — The Garfio family opened their first Frutilandia location 16 years ago in Arizona and now they opened a new concept in Chandler called the Taqueria Factory which is connected to Frutilandia!


“So, I’m originally from Sinaloa and my wife is from Jalisco,” said Gamaliel Garfio, owner of Taqueria Factory & Frutilandia. “The combination and fusion of those two areas, is really what we bring to the table here at Taqueria Factory.”

The Garfio family brings a taste of Mexico to the East Valley with its spices, recipes, and dishes.

“Our concept was to really offer a basic menu but at the same time, items that are trendy and popular and well known to the Hispanic community,” explained Garfio. “We have tacos right, we have quesabirrias, we have quesadillas we have what we call mulitas, we have what is called vampiros.”

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WHAT’S A VAMPIRO : “[It’s] sort of a toasted tortilla, right, that gets hard when we put it on the grill, and we add cheese to it. Once the cheese is melted, we [then] add whatever meat the customer chooses,” explained Mr. Garfio. Onions and other toppings like cilantro, avocado spread and salsa(s) can be added to top off the vampiro.

The food is made from scratch, and so are their refreshments. Their drink specialties include Margaritas, Micheladas and the Mangoneada Borracha.

“We wanted to provide to the Latin community and have a place where not only you can enjoy authentic Mexican tacos but also have those authentic Mexican drinks that we all love and make at home,” explained Fernando Garfio, son Gamaliel and manager of Taqueria Factory.


The Taqueria Factory in Chandler is connected to Frutilandia; a franchise they also own that serves Latin and Mexican treats. So, it’s kind of like a one-stop shop. You have your meal and then you go have dessert,” said Gamaliel Garfio.

“Our mangoneadas, our shaved ice with ice-cream on top and our food items like our elote, our tostilocos with cueritos… those are really Mexican traditions that we bring here to Arizona,” said Bri Garfio, daughter and marketing director of Frutilandia.


  • 55 E. RAY RD. in Chandler