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‘Sodalicious’ plans to open more locations in Arizona

Sodalicious opens new location in Avondale; more storefronts are in the works for Arizona.
Posted at 3:43 PM, Jul 19, 2022

AVONDALE, AZ — Sodalicious recently opened its sixth location in Arizona and it certainly won’t be their last.

“We are opening more stores in Arizona; I can’t tell where those are quite yet because they’re in different phases of development,” said Kevin Auernig, co-founder of Sodalicious. “But yes, we are opening more stores in Arizona. We love Arizona.”

Auernig tells ABC15 there are currently six new locations in the works, but couldn’t comment on any of the opening dates. The reason for not disclosing dates? “It’s just too tricky. Just with the current construction market, just with cities being so backlogged still because of COVID… it’s just too much to try and tell you any dates,” said Auernig.


The company is known for its mixed soda drinks. “So, we take soda… we have several kinds of flavors - Coke, Pepsi, all the different kinds - and then we flavor them,” Auernig added.

Sodalicious; the Utah-chain making its footprint in Arizona.

According to Mr. Auernig, their menu allows guests to choose from many soda combinations which he had a math professor at a local university calculate the possibilities and told ABC15, “it came out to 1.4 billion. Like there are so many combinations you can make. But we just started messing around, finding the ones we liked and giving them funny names.”

The business also sells other treats such as cookies, scotcharoos, popcorn and frosting.


The concept of Sodalicious came from his wife, Annie, needing her “soda fix” back when she worked in the film industry. Mrs. Auernig then began making mixed sodas and shared them with her co-workers.

The drinks here are a hit and according to Kevin, it was her co-workers who told her “you should start selling these things.”

Kevin and Annie Auernig opened their first Sodalicious in Downtown Provo, Utah in 2013.


  • Avondale: 3920 N 107th Ave
  • Gilbert: 1245 N Gilbert Rd.
  • Val Vista: 2333 S Val Vista Dr.
  • Safford: 1904 W Thatcher Blvd
  • Queen Creek: 20850 E Heritage Loop Rd
  • Chandler: 80 W Warner Rd