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Movie night: How to see a movie in Phoenix for $6 or less

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Posted at 4:43 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 00:26:56-05

PHOENIX — Whether you have family in town for the holidays or are looking for a way to keep the kids entertained during winter break, seeing a movie is always an option.

But, between the the popcorn, petzel bites, nachos, soda, candy and tickets, a night out at the movies can add up quick.

How does a $6 movie sound? We did some digging and found nine theaters in the Valley where you can see a movie for $6 or less.


  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema : The dine-in movie theater has two theaters in the Valley. They have $6 movie tickets to weekday shows (Monday - Friday) that start before 5 p.m.


  • Cinemark Mesa : On Tuesdays, movie tickets are $5.25 each. That includes the newest movies out.
  • AMC Theaters : On Tuesdays, Stubs members, AMC's free rewards program, can buy movie tickets for $5 each. You can also buy a small popcorn and a small drink combo for $5. Tickets can be purchased online or via AMC's app . You can register for a free Stubs membership, here . It's available at all AMC, AMC Classic and dine-in theaters. 3-D movies and premium auditoriums do have upcharges.
  • Studio Movie Grill : The Scottsdale dine-in theater also has a $5 movie deal on Tuesdays. This one does not require a membership. You can purchase tickets online or at the theater. They also have $5 deals on kids meals, dessert and specialty cocktails. If you want to see a 3-D movie, there will be an additional charge.
  • Harkins Theatres : The Arizona theater shows classic movies on Tuesday, part of its " Tuesday night classics " program. You can see classic films like Grease, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Jawsand Top Gun for $5. For the little ones, Harkins "Summer Movie Fun" shows kid-friendly movies throughout the summer for $2 each.
  • Flix Brewhouse: On Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 9, 2019, the newly-opened Chandler movie theater will have $5.25 movies all day.


  • Picture Show at Paradise Valley Mall : Movies are $4 each on Tuesdays. On other days, movies before noon are $5 each. You may want to buy tickets at the box office because online tickets will be charged a $1.25 processing fee. 3-D screenings will incur a $2.50 upcharge.


  • Super Saver Cinemas : Super Saver is a discount theater in Phoenix that shows second- and third-run movies. Tickets are $3.00 regularly and $1.50 on Tuesdays.
  • Pollock Tempe Cinemas : The Tempe discount theater shows second- and third-run movies, meaning they've been out of the regular box offices for a while, but it means more savings. Tickets are normally $3.50 each. On Tuesdays, tickets are $2.50.


  • Picture Show at Superstition Springs : You may not find the weekend's opening night premiere at this Mesa theater, but it will probably be there in a couple weeks. Tickets are normally $2 each throughout the week. On Tuesdays, they are $1. Tickets bought online will have a $0.50 upcharge. Like the others, 3-D movies will have an additional fee.
  • With some of these theaters, you not may be able to see the latest movie the weekend it is released, but wait a couple weeks, maybe a month, and it may make its way into the cycle.

Here are a couple other ways to save on going to the movies:

Join the movie theater's rewards program. You earn points on the number of tickets and concessions you buy that can be redeemed for movie tickets or concessions. Some programs are free. Some are not. You'll have to do your research to see if it's worth it.

See a movie in the morning vs. at night. Many theaters have matinee pricing which is lower than the afternoon or evenings.

Buy tickets at the theater vs. online. That way you do not have to pay any online convenience fees.

Look for extra discounts. Teachers, students and military members can show their ID for discounts at some theaters. Make sure to also check the theater's promotion pages.

Community outdoor movies. Pack up the kids, chairs, blankets and snacks and watch a movie under the stars. Some communities and parks around the Valley host free movie nights throughout the year.

Make a "movie night" at home. Make some popcorn, grab a can of soda or juice, and a box of your favorite candy. Some cable providers have free on-demand movies. If you subscribe to streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, you already have a catalog of movies to choose from.