Great Gadsby Bakery: European bakery in Gilbert serving up oversized milk shakes

Great Gadsby Bakery: European bakery in Gilbert serving up oversized milk shakes
Posted at 10:18 AM, Jul 14, 2017
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When it comes to sweet treats and unique eats, we're frequently on the hunt for the next craze.

Tucked within the Gilbert Town Square near Gilbert and Warner roads is a quaint, locally-owned European bakery -- The Great Gadsby Bakery -- that is whipping up a monstrous dessert.

The Cookie Dough Cake Shake

It's called a "cake shake" and baker Julie Gadsby, and her husband, Dave, have created 15 different flavor combinations.

The cake shakes are only sold on Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m. and two flavors are featured each week. That is because it takes time to make the shakes, especially the ones that are piled high with toppings, and the bakery is an intimate operation.

Plus, it gets busy. "Manic" even, in the words of Dave. 

Julie and a few employees make the desserts in the back, and Dave manages the front of the business, greeting customers, selling pastries and making light conversation.

The week we visited, the featured dessert was the Cookie Dough Cake Shake. Sign. Me. Up!

A cookie dough ice cream milk shake is served in a glass Mason jar. The jar is lined with melted chocolate and cookie dough chunks, and is topped with whipped cream and two chocolate chip cookies.

The cost is $9.50. Feel free to bring a friend.

The Cookie Dough Cake Shake

Other flavor combinations include the strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake, sticky toffee pudding, and peanut butter brownie. Check out their Instagram page to see the other desserts.

Julie said she found her love of baking after watching her grandmother and mother bake in London. She enjoys learning new techniques and finds inspiration from the internet.

Dave and Judy Gadsby

The bakery also serves macaroons, pastries, tarts, eclairs, cupcakes, and bread. Julie also makes and designs custom cakes.

She and Dave opened the bakery in December 2016. So far, they said the community has been welcoming and supportive.

The Great Gadsby Bakery
1030 S. Gilbert Road
Gilbert AZ 85296