Geeks Who Eat: 10 scary movies to watch before Halloween

Geeks Who Eat: 10 scary movies to watch before Halloween
Posted at 3:09 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 18:09:40-04

When it comes to Halloween, there is something unusually enjoyable about having the snot scared out of you.

Whether that is running away from an undead clown at a haunted house, or watching a the dark...with a bowl of popcorn.

For those who fancy being freaked out, we asked the self-described cult-horror fanatics at Geeks Who Eat blog for their favorite scary films, both popular and underrated.

Scroll down to check out their picks (in alphabetical order):


The Autopsy of Jane Doe - The Autopsy of Jane Doe is one of those movies that did not get a lot of publicity outside of the horror crowd, but deserves a lot of credit. Sort of a slow-burn horror film, this movie builds a ton of dread and does not disappoint. 

Creature from the Black Lagoon - The 1954 classic is still one of the greatest horror films of its time. What is especially great about this film is the underwater filming which was way ahead of its time. 

Blair Witch Project - Found-footage horror became a thing when this iconic movie was released. What makes this film interesting is that the actors did not know what was going on a fair amount of the time which made the scares legitimate. 

Evil Dead (1981) - A little scary and a little silly, Evil Dead is the film that really allowed horror to become intentionally funny as well as scary. Humor aside, this one does get a bit messy.

Ginger Snaps - This film is basically an allegory for puberty without all of the awkwardness of actually talking about puberty. It is also a different take on the traditional werewolf movie, which usually involves a man turning into the titular beast.

Grave Encounters - Grave Encounters is an underrated found-footage horror film from the mid-2000s. It pokes fun at paranormal shows like "Ghost Adventures", but delivers some fantastic jump scenes. 

Halloween (1978) - The original Halloween is the quintessential Halloween horror film. Not only does it still hold up in terms of scares, but it takes place on Halloween.

Hell House LLC - Another underrated found-footage horror film, Hell House LLC is a documentary-style film that takes place in a haunted house. This film does a fantastic job of building dread by emphasizing scares of very common phobias, like clowns. 

House on Haunted Hill (1959) – Vincent Price is a horror icon (also of Arizona fame as he narrates the Tombstone Historama) and Halloween is incomplete without him. The original House on Haunted Hill gives viewers some great scares and all the camp of a William Castle film.

Saw - When released in 2004, nobody saw this movie coming. Saw brought gory horror to the mainstream and spawned seven sequels, including the upcoming Jigsaw. The ending is probably one of the best in horror.