Costco Wholesale adds burgers to menu at five California stores

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jul 06, 2017

It might be considered tradition to pick-up a hot dog from Costco's food court after a shopping trip (or sample-trying trip). What about a burger?

Sure you can buy a literal stack of frozen burger patties, but we're talking about a warm burger.

Five Costco stores in California have added a burger option to their in-store menu, a spokesperson confirmed to ABC15. 

For now, it is only available at locations in Lakewood, Pacoima, Corona, Livermore and Folsom, California.

Will it make its way to stores in Arizona? "No decision has been made," the spokesperson said. So, there is hope.

As for other new items, the company said it is continually looking at new items to add to its menu, but did not have any additional information to release.