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Canyon Coaster Adventure Park has the only mountain coaster in Arizona

The first and only mountain coaster in Arizona is now open
Canyon Coaster Adventure Park
Posted at 7:08 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 22:08:55-04

WILLIAMS, AZ — Looking for thrill, beautiful scenery, and cooler temperatures? Then you’ll want to fill up your gas tank and head over to Canyon Coaster Adventure Park in Williams, Arizona!

According to Bruce Voigt, one of the partners in Canyon Coaster Adventure Park, just a year ago the recreational area was just “21 acres of dirt” and now it's home to “Arizona's only mountain coaster.”

“We have the Canyon Coaster, which is the Mountain Coaster, it’s approximately a mile long and it has a 310-foot drop in elevation,” said Bruce Voigt in an interview with ABC15. “So, you get in the cart, ride up the hill and when you get to the top, you control your speed on the way down. At times you’re 35 feet in the air, it has two 360s in it, you’ll get up to speeds of 35 miles per hour if you choose to.”

“It’s just a lot of fun because it’s not like anything in a regular coaster where you can get the bejeezus scared out of [you] and get off… you can go to where you feel comfortable,” said Voigt. “Once you get to the top… it gives you an unbelievable view of Williams – the whole town- and it’s pretty scenic all the way down,” he added.

Location: 700 East Route 66- Williams, AZ 86046

Hours: Sunday – Thursday [10 a.m. – 5 p.m.] and Friday – Saturday: [10 a.m. – Dusk]


  • $20 per person/ride
  • $10 for children; less than 54 inches tall.
  • Riders must be at least 38 inches tall and “minimum of 3 years old with a driver 18 years or older.”


  • Summer mountain tubing: The same concept as snow tubing but without the snow!
  • Snow play: Coming the winter, you’ll be able to enjoy the snow in Williams and go uphill ins covered conveyor belts.

The Canyon Coaster is a Wiegand Coaster, according to Voigt this type of coaster is from Germany and is gaining popularity in the United States

  • The karts are attached to the track.
  • You’re seat belted in and you control your own speed.
  • Counts with a distance control assist system that prohibits you from getting too close to another system.