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Breakfast or dessert: B:Fast Cereal Bar bringing DIY cereal concoctions, shakes to Phoenix

Posted at 9:49 AM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 13:47:44-04

PHOENIX — Cereal.

It is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be a snack or even a dessert. And it can be healthy...or not so healthy (which we all know tasted the best, especially when we were kids).

At B:Fast Cereal Bar, which opened about a month ago in the courtyard of the Biltmore Fashion Plaza shopping center, the choice is yours.

"We have over 25 different cereals, we have over 20 different toppings, and about 10 different milks. You choose your cereal, you choose your topping, you choose your milk and we put it in a cup, give you a spoon, and you enjoy," said owner Ernesto Peralta.

His shop took over the small kiosk previously occupied by Short Leash Hot Dogs at the shopping and dining center near Camelback Road and 24th Street in Phoenix. There are two stools at the counter and a couple tables in the area.

Carafes filled with different cereals line the back of the kiosk, as do the different toppings people can add to their cereal creations, such as marshmallows, sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

"I wanted to create something that was fun and easy and efficient and kind of like an alternative to fast food," he said. "And I always liked cereals and with cereals, you can create whatever you want."

He has regular milk and alternative milk for those with specific dietary needs. There are three "magic" milks that turn red, blue, or green right before you eyes when mixed with some coloring.

For those looking for something a bit sweeter, they can turn breakfast into dessert with a vanilla milkshake. For lunch, there are four panini-style grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu.

B:Fast Cereal Bar
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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