Arizona State Fair Food: 38 new deep-fried treats and desserts to try at this year's fair (Oct 7-30)

OMG! 38 new treats to try at Arizona State Fair
Posted at 11:22 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 11:09:07-04
Last year, the new food items to the Arizona State Fair were the deep-fried Red Velvet Cupcake and the Spaghetti Ice Cream. (We're still a little weirded out by how much it looked like spaghetti noodles).
This year, the deep-fried menu has expanded with a powerhouse of new items that you definitely will not want to tell your doctor about. Anyone up for trying the deep-fried banana split or the bacon Nutella pickle?
The state fair opens Oct. 7 - 30. General admission is $10, but there are a bunch of ways you can score discounted tickets.
Scroll below for a virtual taste of the deep-fried treats coming to this year's fair:
  • Deep Fried Banana Split (Sally’s Ice Cream, J&L) 
  • Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Roll (Sweet Cheeks; Sweet Cheeks Fried Treats) 
  • Deep Fried PB&J Cheesecake (Sweet Cheeks; Sweet Cheeks Fried Treats) 
  • Deep Fried Butterfinger (Sweet Cheeks; Sweet Cheeks Fried Treats) 
  • Bacon Wrapped French Toast Bombs (Bacon A-Fair; Brogdon Enterprises) 
  • Deep Fried Reese-Oreo (Granny’s Cheesecake & More) 
  • PB & J Funnel Cake (Funnel Lot; J&L) 
  • Deep Fried Caramel Macchiato (Funnel Lot; J&L) 
  • Deep Fried Hot Chocolate (Funnel Lot; J&L) 
  • Siracha Mayo Dog (Fhat Dawgs; Tin Lizzy) 
  • Frito Pie Chili Cheese Burger (Gourmet Burger; Top Notch Concessions) 
  • Blueberry Pretzel (PHD & Me Pretzel
  • Mexican Carne Asada Fries: covered with cheese sauce, meat, bacon, pepperjack cheese and sour cream) (Carne Cafe Taco Stand; Carne Cafe Concessions)
  • Deep Fried Tamale on a Stick (Carne Cafe Taco Stand; Carne Cafe Concessions) 
  • Dragon Wings: twice fried, bone-in chicken wings dipped in orange sauce. (Egg Roll On A Stick) 
  • Cherry and Peach Supreme Funnel Cakes (Funnel Cakes West) 
  • Mowie Wowie Pineapples: pineapple bowls with beef, chicken, sausage, rib, shrimp, fruit or Pina Colada. (Ricardo’s Hawaiian Feast) 
  • Shrimp Tacos (Ricos Man Jares Mosita)
  • Tilapia Tacos (Ricos Man Jares Mosita)
  • Tostada De Ceviche (Ricos Man Jares Mosita) 
  • The Sun Devil: fresh roasted coffee, creamy hot cocoa & splashes of real orange and vanilla extracts, topped with whipped cream and chocolate. (Affogato)
  • The Affogato: a swirl of creamy soft serve combined with a fresh brewed shot of espresso to create a perfectly delicate hot and cold treat. (Affogato)
  • Turkish Delight (Dessert World) 
  • Coconut Macaroons (Eli’s French Bakery)
  • French Sable Cookies (Eli’s French Bakery) 
  • Gourmet Licorice (Timbo’s II) 
  • Picked Cheese on a Stick (Get Pickled O Pete’s) 
  • Bacon Nutella Pickle (Get Pickled O Pete’s) 
  • Pickle Fries (Get Pickled O Pete’s) 
  • Deep Fried Nachos (Spud Ranch BBQ) 
  • Truffle Shuffle Baked Potato (Spud Ranch BBQ) 
  • Reese’s Funnel Cake (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake) 
  • Nutella Funnel Cake (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake) 
  • Oreo Funnel Cake (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake) 
  • Oreo Churro (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake) 
  • Deep Fried Butter: hot dripping buttery balls patted with powdered sugar and drizzled in maple syrup. (Fried A Fair / Fried A Fair #2)
  • Selfie Sno Cone: snow cone with big lollipops, sour candy, sorted candies topped with cotton candy.

Arizona State Fair 2016 (Oct. 7-30)
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
Admission: $10 - adults, $5 - kids