Bernie Sanders drops in on SNL

Posted at 11:33 AM, Feb 07, 2016

Forget the debates, the path to the presidency appears to go through “Saturday Night Live.”

On the latest episode, it was Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders turn to make a cameo.

It was an especially natural fit with Larry David hosting, as he’s already performed a dead-on impression of Sanders several times already this season.

Sanders appeared with David in a skit on a Titanic-like ship headed to America and under distress. David argues that the women and children shouldn’t necessarily get into the life boats first.  After arguing that he should get preference because he comes from a rich family, Sanders appears and delivers one of the central themes of his campaign.

“I’m so sick of the 1 percent getting this preferential treatment,” Sanders said. “Enough is enough, we need to unite and work together if we are all going to get through.”

“Sounds like socialism to me,” David replied.

Sanders also dropped a couple of “huuuuge” lines in obvious reference to Donald Trump.

The best skit of the night, however, was about Sanders but didn’t physically include him.

Fans of David’s HBO show will get a particular kick out of “Bern Your Enthusiasm.”

Sanders only other appearance came at the end of the show during the closing credits on stage.